The Show

No Luggage is the most popular Bulgarian show for travel, tourism, and adventure.

The show seeks to present an unconventional, entertaining take on opportunities for travel and tourism, alternative escapes, and related services.
  1. No Luggage focuses not just on sights and information about the destination, but rather on the emotions and the experience of those who travel.
  2. No Luggage presents stunning imagery using dynamic editing. At the same time, the show shares information about services, additional entertainment opportunities, and prices.
  3. No Luggage is distinguished by its 'reality TV' approach, with episodes driven by his/her inquisitiveness, serendipity, spontaneity, charisma, and sense of humor - rather than by a pre-determined scenario.

Overall Feel/Vision:
  • Dynamic editing reminiscent of music-video; colors and stunning imagery; music characteristic of the locality.

The destinations 

  •  Each episode focuses on a select destination. The viewers see the hosts go deep in the savana to meet the animal-blood-drinking Masai tribe; swim with dolphins in the lagoons of Bali Island; visit a butterfly nursery and observe from close distance the mimicry of a mantis and other insects; fly over the lions and giraffes with a balloon; sing in a gospel church; cook with the Bedouins in the dessert; and many, many more…

In addition to all this, the show presents information as diverse as (depending on the destination)

  • Tips on how to reach the place
  • Tips on how to negotiate a bargain
  • Ideas about planning and budgeting your vacation
  • Information about low-budget/alternative weekend trips
  • Information about VIP tours of luxurious hotels
  • Unique footage from safari trips in exotic destinations
  • Information about popular sea and ocean cruises
  • Opportunities to attend world-famous cultural events

You can learn about

  •  People
  •  Rituals
  •  Religion      
  •  Food      
  •  History      
  •  Culture      
  •  Music      
  •  Crafts      
  •  Flora and fauna      
  •  Popular tourist destinations      
  •  Places for unconventional tourism